I came a bit late to the party with Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Week! I joined at Will Young, painted by Christian Gale (amazing artist). I was lovely to listen to their conversations, Will kept it going while Christian concentrated! Will Young, you have a very naughty sense of humour!! This was my first four hour portrait, drawn from observation, I think I even surprised myself! I posted it as it was at the end of the programme, just to show what I had done in the time. I'm chuffed!

The next one was Noel Fielding painted by Kimberley Klauss - I loved Noel's bonkersness (is that a word?) - He talked about his passion for art and comedy and his honesty was disarming - a definite element of vulnerability was there methinks... The bleeding heart motif I adapted from his shirt to show this... I painted him using bright colours as that is how he came across, bright and funny, and I wanted humour to come across too, hence the stray member of the lockdown audience peeping over his right shoulder - - I loved doing this one - I spent a few more hours on it... Must be careful to retain the freshness...

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