I am an artist and teacher of adult art enthusiasts in North Somerset. Originally a secondary school teacher in Kingston upon Thames (Head of ADT faculty at Tiffin Girls' School), my family relocated to Somerset in 2004.

I look for the 'essence' of my subject- that little bit of magic which will show the personality of the sitter, or the atmosphere of the place. It is an eternal search; it can be elusive, and what is it after all? Is it a colour? a mark? an expression? a composition? an angle? Perhaps all of these, and none, and of course each viewer will percieve the images differently. 

I like mark-making, finding the form of an image through subtle (and sometimes not subtle) daubs of paint - I start with a big brush and large marks and reduce brush and mark size as the work develops - When do you stop? That is the toughie.... If you ask yourself that, then it's time to stop. But is it? and do we?? 

In my classes Creativity, Company and Community are key. Art in this context doesn't have to be exclusive, or full of meaning, depth and psychology. If it feels good, do it - if you're happy with it, then it's perfect. A flower painted in a village hall has as much value as a masterpiece to me... because it feels good to paint and it has been done amongst friends in a lovely environment.... It's hard to move out of the 'will they like it?' mentality as that can be limiting, and when you do then you can express yourself freely, worry less about the outcome and 

simply enjoy the journey.

Please contact me regarding classes, and portrait/ landscape commissions-  watercolour, acrylics, pastels, inks, pencil, charcoal.