I am an artist and teacher of adult art enthusiasts in North Somerset. Originally a secondary school teacher in Kingston upon Thames (Head of ADT faculty at Tiffin Girls' School), my family relocated to Somerset in 2004.

​I believe art is simply to be enjoyed. It can become somewhat intellectualised;  my view is that it doesn't have to be exclusive, or full of meaning, depth and psychology! If it feels good, do it - if it looks nice and you're happy with it, then it's perfect. A flower painted in a village hall has as much value as a masterpiece to me... because it feels good to paint... It's hard to move out of the 'will they like it?' mentality as that can be limiting; when you do then you can express yourself freely. 

I like mark-making, finding the form of an image through subtle (and sometimes not subtle) daubs of paint - I start with a big brush and large marks and reduce brush and mark size as the work develops - When do you stop? That is the toughie.... If you ask yourself that, then it's time to stop. But is it? and do we?? 

I have always said that you should look at your resource image 90% of the time and your painting or drawing 10% of the time - That is if you wish to produce an accurate respresentation of it  - At some point there will be a shift, and you move more to the painting and develop it into what you want it to be - if you know what that is... The journey is the destination! And it can be painful , frustrating, distracting, fulfilling, exciting, compelling -and impossible to leave alone....! And I LOVE my art and the life I have teaching....

Please contact me regarding classes, and portrait/ landscape commissions-  watercolour, acrylics, pastels, inks, pencil, charcoal.